Queen Christine

Get on board a hand-made sailing ship inspired by 18th century xebec and discover the sights and sounds of the medieval city old port. A unique tour about the fascinating history of Rhodes: the atmosphere of the port and the castle enjoyed on an old fashion boat.
You will feel like you are taken back in time, many centuries ago! You will see how the sailors’ life was in the past. It will be an unforgettable experience!


A Memorable Trip!

We will explore the old port where the “Kolossos of Rhodes” was, around the fortress of St. Nicholas, through the port’s old walls retracing the crusaders’ steps fighting pirates with cannons. Don’t miss this unique interactive experience and try to hold the wheel, take a short navigation lesson, grab the ropes and lift the sails, learn how to captain a ship with the compass and the map. Otherwise, just sit back, have a drink and enjoy the tour aboard Queen Christine! Sincerely The Captain and our friendly staff.

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